Why Balanced KPI? | How the Tool Works?

How Balanced KPI Works!

We have made BALANCED KPI simple and to be nice and easy! Simple steps but our graphics will show you the way. Your numbers are represented graphically, supported by our red, amber and green and sometime blue colours, so that NO one can MISS your performance!

Step 1 - Goal Setting

This is where after you agree on your annual goals with your supervisor, you set the goals along side the targets agreed! This is done once a year

Step 2 - Phasing

This is where you stagger your targets in your goals, Rome was not build in a day. This is done once a year, its the most tidious of them all FYI!

Step 3 - Actuals Entry

This is where you play like you! Record your performance on each goal monthly, additionally you add your insights and actions, just to let your supervisor whats your plan!

Step 4 - Performance Appraisal

You sit and wait for your supervisor to enjoy your performance!