Here are some of the Frequently asked Questions in Balanced KPI platform.

What is Goal Setting?

Goal Setting is a process where a staff and their supervisor agree on what to achieve in a year.

What is Phasing?

For you to achieve your goals for the year, you stagger (monthly) the achievement throughout the year (like small but steady targets).

What is Appraisals?

This is a pitstop to evaluate how far you are in achieving your set goals.

What is Performance monitoring?

Performance monitoring is an ongoing process of ensuring that you (staff) and your supervisor know your achievement of performance throughout the year using specific monthly targets.

Is Performance monitoring tidious?

Performance monitoring is a very easy process, it easier than having to convince your supervisor at the end of the year of what you have achieved visa vis what you had set. The process is often with disagreements you might forget your small achievements in the process.

What is KPI?

KPI is a performance metrics known as Key Performance Indicator. It is used to monitor actual performance verses the Target (phased target or Final target). Read more

Is Balanced KPI performance monitoring objective or subjective?

If goals, phasing and actuals are done objectively, the Balanced KPI process of performance monitoring is very objective since achieved v/s target is clearly shown. Manual process is normally subjective as some employee and their supervisor think that the other is malicious by shifting goals.

Does Balanced KPI Performance monitoring hinder my personal growth?

Balanced KPI gives your an understanding of where you are, your goals and where you want to be, this gives you a push to achieve your personal growth.

How do I know that I have achieved good performance?

Balanced KPI gives you graphical representation of your performance, additionally, it shows your performance using colours that are easy to understand.