Balanced KPI - Dashboards

Employee or staff performance monitoring can be tidious and time consuming, additionally appraisal process can seem an up-hill task if you do not have the right tools. However, we have built a tool that will help you monitor your staff performance that is accessible anywhere.

BALANCED KPI! is a SMART rescue!


As Low as* $20 p.a

Why Balanced KPI?

Balanced KPI is a robust, self-service tool for employee performance management. The tool has been specificall developed to ensure that performance monitoring is easy and does not take much effort to ensure high performance in an organization is achieved and maintained while ensuring that appraisals are done in professional and objestive manner using the SMART GOALS approach. This approach has been tried and tested over time, and that is why we have automated it for your organization and it can be accessed everywhere so long as you have internet. (Read more)

This is the reason why we say Balanced KPI Performance Monitoring tool has dashboards that speak to you because!


Dashboards offer powerful visuals for easier understanding.


The tool Offers Self-explanatory reports. No grey arrears.

User Friendly

Appraisal does not have to be a tidious and time consuming, just a click away!


Balanced KPI Tool is cloud-based, meaning you can do your appraisals whenever you are!

Our Rates

Our charges are annual, per employee. Depending on the number employees you would want to have them subscribing into this tool as below:-

Options Rate/User/Year
5 - 20 Employees $45
21 - 100 Employees $40
101 - 200 Employees $35
201 - 400 Employees $30
401 - 600 Employees $25
600 - 800 Employees $20
Over 801 Employees $10

Note: All rates are tax exclusive and one time set up fee of $20. 400 employees and above there's no set up fee.